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Compact and flexible microplate storage with four stacks

  • Rotating microplate storage on smallest footprint (401 x 401 mm)
  • Availability of different access modules for versatile operation possibilities
  • Three different stack heights are available (265 mm / 555 mm / 755 mm)
  • The ergonomic design with doors guaranteed a comfortable loading and unloading of microplates

CyBi®-QuadStack offers the highest flexibility and modularity.

The product innovation CyBi®-QuadStack is high capacity bench top solution for microplate storage. With four rotating stacks and one transfer position, the CyBi®-QuadStack offers the tightest and compact setup with highest capacity of up to 260 plates. Three different stack lengths are available.
With different access modules the CyBi®-QuadStack provides you with the ultimate versatility and flexibility for combination with e.g. CyBi®-Well, CyBi®-Well vario and robotic systems. The ergonomic design of the stacks with doors ensures a user-friendly loading and unloading of microplates.
CyBio presents with CyBi®-QuadStack the perfect solution for flexible microplate storage.

Capacity4 stacks with a total capacity of up to 260 plates,
3 types of stack lengths (short 265 mm, standard 555 mm, extended 755 mm)
LabwareSBS standard microplate, PCR plates, DW plates, stackable third-party tip boxes
Speed4 seconds to present a plate
Footprint401 x 401 mm
ComfortErgonomic design for user-friendly loading and unloading of plates. Rotation of upper part for front access to all stacks
ModularityBasic unit in combination with access module available
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